The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

With 7 years marketing experience under my belt, and 2.5 years in the marketing / e-commerce department for one of the largest car & truck groups in the United Kingdom, I’m confident in implementing those skills for projects with Aesthetics. Marketing can make or break the success of a project, never overlook it.

The wonderful world of advertising changes almost constantly, especially with the emergence of online media. Understanding Analytics, adwords, social media ad campaigns, promoted videos and email campaigns along with traditional advertising (Newspapers, billboards, magazines & radio play) is key. We’ve got it covered.

Adwords is important, however Search Engine Optimization will always play a key role in getting into google. Fully optimizing your online content such as YouTube videos, photography, products ect as well as your website can change your business completely.

Social media doesn’t just help promote brands, in this day and age, it creates them. It’s the most important aspect of marketing by far that many companies still don’t take advantage of. Whether it’s running ad campaigns or building a social media following, we’ve got it covered.shanna may in the film studio